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Diabetes research and findings happen almost everyday.  And, to effectively fight your War On Diabetes, you need to know what’s going on.  The more you know, the better you can fight the disease.  Am I right, or what?

So, I have decided that Fridays are going to be devoted to bring you selected updates and news from the world of Diabetes.  These articles are really from the front lines of the War.

Can Beta Cells Be Healed?  Well, first you have to know what beta cells are: they are the cells in the pancreas that produce (drum roll, please) insulin.  If these cells can be healed and repair themselves, can you guess what will happen?  They will produce insulin, or more insulin.  Fascinating and very hopeful.

Drinking With Diabetes.  Okay, taking a drink now and then is reality for a lot of Diabetics.  Well, lo and behold, there is a website called…Drinking With Diabetes.  This is a great article about that website and what caused it to come into existence.

A Vaccine for Diabetes.  Remember, I just wrote a post about a silver bullet?  Well, they really are working on one for Type 1 Diabetes – and this is just one endeavor.

A Pill for Type 1’s.  Another approach for Type 1 Diabetics is the use of a pill, rather than injections of insulin.  Research is focused on Type 1 Diabetes – and is always coming up with new ideas.

Resistance Training is Effective.  I know I have been writing about resistance training – using it as a regular exercise to help control glucose.  Now, in addition to my empirical evidence, there is science behind it.  Research is finding out it really works – and why.

Walking is Effective.  I already knew walking was effective.  I am too lazy to run.  but, I had no idea that it was as effective as running at reducing heart disease.  News to me – very welcome news.

Why We Don’t Keep Our Resolutions.  We want to do the right thing, but it’s hard.  No question about it.  But, why is it so hard?  Why can’t we be as disciplined as we want to be?  Read this enlightening article.

I’ve tried to provide a bit of something for everyone.  Keep up the good fight.  Win your War On Diabetes.

As always, thank you for reading.

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