Here I am going to provide a list of websites for obtaining coupons or discounts for type 2 diabetes medications.  There are so many coupons out there, but I am choosing to publish only ones that I find through the actual drug manufacturers.  This way I can be sure that the links I provide to you are only for legitimate coupons.  Remember, each program might have some restrictions (you can’t be on Medicaid or Medicare for some coupons, some only provide the first month of treatment, etc) so be sure to read into these.

If I’ve missed a medication that you’d like me to add, please let me know by email or comment.  I’ve focused on the brand name medications here, because most generics don’t have manufacturer’s coupons, but if you would like to know about any specific generics, I can look into them for you.  This is not an all-inclusive list – check with your local pharmacy to see if they have any coupons on hand.  Many times drug reps like to leave us with manufacturers coupons for their products and we are more than happy to provide them to patients.

I should mention that Phil and I, in no way, receive any compensation or “perks” from any of the manufacturers for referencing these discount programs and coupons on our blog.  These are merely here for your benefit and because we want to see you thriving with diabetes.

Avandia/Avandaryl/Avandamet: Bridges to Access

Bydureon: Amylin Reimbursement Program

Byetta: Amylin Reimbursement Program

Janumet: Merck Patient Assistance Program

Januvia: Special Offers from Merck

Lantus: Lantus Savings Program

Levemir: Levemir FlexPen Savings ; Novo Nordodisk Diabetes Patient Assistance Program

Novolog: Novo Nordodisk Diabetes Patient Assistance Program

Onglyza: Onglyza Savings Program

Prandin/Prandimet: Novo Nordodisk Diabetes Patient Assistance Program

Symlin: Amylin Reimbursement Program

Victoza: Novo Nordodisk Diabetes Patient Assistance Program

Good luck, and God bless!

Dr K., your virtual pharmacist.

As a disclaimer, I am your “virtual” pharmacist, here to provide you with information and answers to questions.  However, I am not your local pharmacist and could, in no way, be aware of your specific medical needs.  Remember to always check with your medical provider and pharmacist before stopping or starting any new medications.  My posts are based on general pharmacy principles and should not considered as your “first opinion” when it comes to your health.  Please consult with your doctor and pharmacist about anything regarding your health.

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